Cheryl A. Price
The Calico Pony


The Calico Pony: Book 1: Follow the Sun is the first book in a new children's series titled The Calico Pony.

Description: In the first book of this series the Calico Pony and Carol Johnson begin their journeys to different lands and cultures. Carol is seven years-old when the journeys start. She has been given a cotton pony by her grandmother when she became seven. What she does not realize is that the pony is actually a magical "dream pony" by the name of Algonquin. Algonquin became a "dream pony" to inspire people to dream.

Why did I write this book?  As a child, I was whisked into a different world when I read fairy tales and children's books. They provided a treasury of knowledge and values. When I read these stories I never realized how important they were in my growing up. I pursued adult writing for years, but when I wrote my first children's story The Golden Aspen, I knew I had to write more stories for children. I wanted these stories to inspire others, to see beyond the world in which they live and enjoy these journeys of discovery. I also wanted people to see the importance of pursuing their dreams. I hope that readers will discover what I did, dreams are important.


Cheryl A. Price, author